My Story and Struggle with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


My name is Patrick Kilchermann, co-founder of the Carpal Tunnel Institute. Below you will find the unlikely story of my personal struggle with carpal tunnel, how I eventually fixed it myself (even when braces and icing didn’t help), and that even more unlikely decision to found the Carpal Tunnel Institute to help promote a self-treatment method that has now helped over 30,000 Americans deal with their carpal tunnel on their own.

I will warn you upfront: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on television. However, after nearly a thousand hours spent in research, study, and interviews with those who suffer from the condition, I do know a thing or two about carpal tunnel syndrome. And, after having helped so many people, I believe there is a very good chance that what worked for me is going to work for you.

Here goes:
Back in the mid-2000s, I was a very busy young man. I was recently married with dogs, horses, and a job that kept me busy at my computer for 10 to 12 hours per day, 5 to 6 days per week. I was rising quickly in the company that I worked for, taking on new roles and responsibilities, and tackling bigger and more exciting projects every year.

For someone who was born in a lower-middle class area where even today fewer than 1/10 high school graduates make it to college, and the best many of us hoped for was a minimum wage job, the exciting job I happened to land in another town was a big deal for my wife and I. I believed it was my one shot at a better life for my family.

At that point in my life, I assumed the only thing standing between me and success was a tragedy of some kind, or a competitive coworker. I never imagined that my personal and professional life would quickly come grinding to a halt because of debilitating wrist pain!

I remember clearly: it began with a sharp pain in my right wrist – the one that I used to control my computer mouse – but it only hurt after many hours of continuous work, and only when I needed to use my full range of motion. A restful weekend would follow a busy week, and when Monday rolls around, I would be ready to go again. I live that way for several months, as the symptoms gradually grew more and more extreme. As is common with those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, there was no morning where I woke up and realized that I had a problem that needed treatment. Instead, it took a “final straw.” Mine was delivered late one night, when I was burning the midnight oil working within graphics editing software, and the final touches on an important project that was due first thing the next morning…

I remember suddenly realizing that I was in a very sour mood. I didn’t get it – I have always loved my work. But suddenly I realized that I was in physical pain! Every move the mouse and stroke of the keyboard was causing sharp, electric pain to the inside of my wrists. This is DESPITE the fact that I had – within the last couple weeks – resorted to wearing braces on BOTH of my wrists.

I had to make a decision: either I accept this pain and disability as the new “normal,” or I try to do something about it. Keep in mind – I was in my mid-20s, and I was essentially just starting out in life. Deciding that I can only use a computer for a few hours per day was simply appalling to me.

And if YOU are in a position similar to where I was all those years ago, I sure hope you keep reading!

As I’ve told thousands of people by now, that miserable night was the night where I officially “declared war” on my carpal tunnel. And that night was the beginning of the end – not only for my personal problems related to carpal tunnel – but for over 30,000 other Americans as well.

You see, I didn’t know WHAT I had. Sure, I thought it was carpal tunnel, but you’ve got to understand that the term “carpal tunnel” has actually turned into a generic phrase that most people resort to using whenever they experience any sort of wrist trouble. The truth is, not everybody who believes they have carpal tunnel really does have it. They may have pain associated with the other major nerve running to the rest, or they may have wrist tendinitis, arthritis, or they may have even fractured or sprained their wrist without knowing it. Trust me – I’ve seen it all!

Now here is some good news that I discovered after years of research: even if you don’t have carpal tunnel, there is a very good chance that the issue you’re experiencing with your wrist will be most effectively treated the SAME way that carpal tunnel is best treated.

So – what is the best treatment for carpal tunnel?
Well, after I confirmed that what I had was indeed carpal tunnel syndrome, like most people, I hit the internet and began searching for symptoms and treatments.

You already know what I found, because you’ve obviously done your homework as well or else you wouldn’t even be here. I found treatments ranging from ice packs to wrist braces to surgery to acupuncture to all sorts of crazy gadgets that are designed to massage and expand your wrist tissues.

I knew immediately that surgery was not an option for me. While I did have pretty good health insurance at the time, I had absolutely no desire to go under the knife for something so seemingly simple as carpal tunnel. Even if they could do the surgery without scars – which some people posted was possible – simply reading about the procedure told me that your wrists are never quite the same afterward. The connective tissue that they slice during surgery was put there for a reason – we need that for proper wrist strength.

Note: if you have already had surgery, don’t worry about it. My only point here is that for me and for many people, surgery isn’t ideal. Especially given that the chances of carpal tunnel reoccurring following the surgery are pretty high.

To make a very long and painful story short, what ended up working for me was a very specific “yoga therapy” regimen prescribed by an elderly woman who my wife was seeing for back pain. When I say “worked,” what I mean is that this regimen completely eliminated every trace of my carpal tunnel in three short days.

I realize that this sounds like a tall order… But I give you my word: one day I was wearing wrist braces on both hands – even when I slept – and 72 hours later, I was back to using my computer as much as ever with ZERO pain.

If you haven’t guessed, it is this yoga regimen – with a few improvements – which I want to tell you about today. But first, I have to qualify the statements that I’ve made with a few important points:

First, when this regimen cured my carpal tunnel in three days, I was at my physical peak and prime. I was in my mid-20s, young, and healthy. We all know that young bodies heal faster than older bodies. Heck, my youngest kids can get cuts or scratches that are all but disappeared the next day! The important note here is that the older you are, the more time it will take to reverse this condition, because your body simply doesn’t regenerate itself as fast as a younger person’s body does.

Second, I had only suffered with carpal tunnel for a little over a year – and it was only severe for about four months. I have observed that the human body has a wonderful ability to reverse long-term damage and far less time than it took for that damage to accumulate. For example, we see the lungs of smokers returning to their healthy state in only five or six years, after several decades of smoking daily. In the same way, it is perfectly possible for your body to reverse decades of repetitive stress injury to your wrists, but you SHOULD expect that the longer you’ve dealt with your carpal tunnel, the longer it will take to reverse.

Third and finally, I can’t speak to all the various methods of carpal tunnel treatment out there, beyond my own experience and the experiences of the 30,000+ people who have tried my program. What I have learned and observed over the last three years is this: my program does not work for everybody. There must be some types of bodies, or some types of damage where carpal tunnel is aggravated – rather than relieved – by my stretch and exercise regimen. Most people experience excellent relief within 7 to 14 days of using the program. But for some people, their pain actually gets worse from using the program. When we look at the category of those whose carpal tunnel is aggravated by the program, there seem to be two groups: one group whose aggravation goes away after a few days of rest, who are eventually able to use my program if they take it slow and ice and rest between going through the regimen – and then the other group whose carpal tunnel is aggravated even further no matter how easy they take it. For these most stubborn cases of carpal tunnel, all I can do is offer my best wishes and point you in other directions: acupuncture, massage, icing, or at very worst – surgery itself.

All that said, I absolutely can tell you that to the best of our efforts, our program has a 94% success rate – and this is after putting over 30,000 copies into the hands of just about every type of American and Canadian citizen you can imagine: the young, the old, the active, the disabled, the working, the retired.

What does success look like when using the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solution?
Success is a tough word to define when you were talking about treating carpal tunnel. For me in my darkest days – wearing braces on both wrists even while sleeping – I would have called just about ANY improvement a success. What I got instead was complete relief – to the extent that even today, closing in on 10 years later, I STILL am 100% pain-free. Carpal tunnel is just no longer a factor in my life.

That said, this is not everybody’s experience for using our program. One important reason has to do with the effects that age and duration have on the ability of our bodies to regenerate. Because of that, “success” may look different for you than it did for me.

Now, I hope and pray that you see COMPLETE RELEASE the same way I did all those years ago. And according to the surveys that we do with those who try our program, there is a very good chance that you WILL experience complete relief. But there is also a chance that you will experience relief somewhere in between “complete” and “an improvement.”

In the case that you do not see complete relief, you will have to be the judge on whether or not our program was worth what you paid for it. Did you experience $57 worth of relief? Only you can decide. What I can promise you though, is that if you are NOT completely satisfied with the amount of relief that you obtain from our program, I will cheerfully refund 100% of your purchase price.

Most certainly, I cannot work miracles – but I can promise you that my program is the absolute BEST and least invasive way to treat carpal tunnel. And I have heard enough success stories from people who were in your shoes not too long ago to know that it doesn’t matter whether your carpal tunnel is minor, moderate, or severe. There is a very good chance that my program will work perfectly for you.

And as I mentioned: if it doesn’t work, you will get your money back so that you can pursue an alternative form of treatment.

What is the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solution, and what is it like to use this program?
The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solution is a stretch and flexibility routine which takes about 25 minutes to perform. It begins with a seven minute warm-up introduction, and then guides you through 18 minutes of flexibility exercises.

These exercises are strategically designed to reverse the effects of carpal tunnel, which is almost always caused by inflammation and restriction of the connective tissue surrounding the carpal bones that make up your wrist joint.

The exercises have been filmed from many angles to make sure they are easy to follow along with. It is I who am on camera during the entire program going through the regimen with you.

According to the schedule that accompanies the program when you order it, you will be advised to perform the stretch and flexibility routine as often as twice per day for the first week – provided it doesn’t aggravate your symptoms – and then easing off to once per day for the second week, and spreading out over several days after that.

While it’s not always easy to find an extra 25 or even 50 minutes per day to perform this regimen, I can promise you that you will find this investment of time very much worth your while.

Who am I to start the Carpal Tunnel Institute with no formal training or education or even certification for the treatment of carpal tunnel or stress injuries?
The short answer is, it had to be me. It had to be someone from the outside, who does NOT make a living off people’s continued pain. The bottom line is, after experiencing the severe effects of carpal tunnel – and after assisting over 30,000 people in the treatment of their own carpal tunnel, I believe that I have a more focused education on the nature of repetitive stress and carpal tunnel. I believe that the human body has the ability to heal and regenerate itself – if we give it the tools and help you to do so. My experience through the Carpal Tunnel Institute over the last few years has proven this to be correct – and I am convinced that you will agree once you see the impact that our program has on you and your life.


– Patrick & Mandy Kilchermann