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A Personal Case Study: “…I reduced the pain to such a level that I could reclaim my life…”

We’d like to share with you an email we’ve recently received, which we feel is a great representation of the majority of the folks who use our DVD program… enjoy!

“My wrist pain began about two years ago while I was doing my annual canning routine in the fall. After experiencing many sharp stabbing “jolts” in my left hand, I made a return trip to my orthopaedic hand specialist approximately a year ago. This was the specialist that had pinned my wrist together with 3 metal pins two years earlier when a neighbor’s guard dog escaped and attacked me while I was taking my usual walk. What was truly upsetting ( besides the PTSD which I will suffer my entire life) was that the wrist broken in three places was my left wrist — for I am totally left handed! This specialist x-rayed my wrist, told me that it was healed properly with no signs of arthritis, told me to use my wrist more, and sent me on my way. He never once suggested carpal tunnel problems, yet he operates on them at least 20 times a week!

When my intense canning procedures ended, so did the stabbing jolts of pain. However, four months ago it was time to scrub our outdoor deck. My husband says that I do everything like I’m “stomping snakes” and my wrist began its quick spiral into acute and throbbing nonstop pain. I had company over for a barbeque one night and suddenly the pain was so sharp in my wrist that I could not even turn the food on the grill. I had no strength in my wrist whatsoever and began to drop things. Even a cup of coffee or brushing my teeth was so painful that those small tasks required both hands.

Just like so many of us with wrist pain, I bought a wrist brace to immobilize the wrist and minimize the intense pain for about three weeks without results. Then I got on the internet to look for answers since my reknown hand specialist had none to give me. The Carpal Tunnel Institute site information made perfect sense to me, and I began to count the days until the DVD would arrive.

For the last three weeks I have faithfully followed the exercise routine. After being told that 93% of those who use the exercise regimen receive remission of their pain, I vowed I was going to be one of them. My pain is not completely gone — YET. However, at this moment in time, the pain is 80% reduced and I am able to begin to get back to enjoying the simple tasks that I previously took for granted.

I am so impressed with your DVD exercises that I not only intend to continue daily use of the DVD to increase the pain loss beyond 80%, but I plan to continue to use the stretches two or three times a week to maintain the improvement.

In a nutshell, what I want to say to the Institute and everyone suffering from wrist pain is: If you are in pain, try the DVD. I would pay twenty times the price I paid just for the reduction of pain in my wrist. If you happen to be one of the few that don’t receive 100% pain loss, you will still reduce the pain to such a level that you can reclaim your life. You have nothing to lose and so much to regain! Thanks so much!!”

Is Carpal Tunnel *Not Your Fault*?

Do you know anybody who abuses their wrists just as badly – if not worse – than you do – but who isn’t left dealing with the annoyance of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

There’s a very good (if not disappointing) explanation for that: Many of us are born with smaller carpal tunnels than we should have been!

It’s a matter of genetics… The combination of the genes we received from our parents determines our eye color, hair color and texture, and even body/built type. And now, with the help of studies like this one, we are beginning to understand that the gap in our wrists which our Median Nerves travel through to reach our hands – the Carpal Tunnel – is determined in much the same way.

Through our many ‘eye witness’ accounts, we’re coming to the conclusion here at the Carpal Tunnel Institute, that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is about 50% genetics, and 50% environment – however, someone who is more susceptible to getting CTS may never experience it if they avoid repetitive hand-motions, and someone with no genetic dis-favor to CTS may encounter it anyway.

This, therefore, is no reason not to try to deal with – and correct- your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: rather, it’s all the more reason to deal with the problem while it’s in its infancy.

For, if you’re fighting your environment AND genetics, you certainly need all the help you can get!


“I Didn’t Need Surgery…”

My wife and I often patronize a small, local food store near our home when we run out of some ingredient while cooking.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery can be avoided in well over 85% of cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

We go there often enough to have gotten to know the manager, and yesterday he finally asked: “So what is it that you guys do for a living?”

When I explained what we, the Carpal Tunnel Institute, and about our natural method for curing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are all about, he just shook his head, and asked:

“Why don’t more people do this instead of surgery..?”

But then, he answered his own question:

“I guess I’m as guilty as everyone else… When I played soccer, I sprained my ankle once…. and I went straight in for surgery. The doctor told me I didn’t need it, but I said: if my insurance covers it, then that’s what I want!”

He told me he regretted it, and he’s ashamed that he’d over-react so badly to such a small, heal-able injury.

“I guess that’s why it upset me so bad last month, when my Aunt went in for Carpal Tunnel surgery. I knew she didn’t need surgery for that, but I wasn’t sure what else to offer her.”

Well Brian, now you do! Our program provides a much more long term (and less costly/painful!) solution to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Our mission is to put this critical information into as many hands as possible.

Here’s to the truth,

- -
Pat & Mandy
Founders, Carpal Tunnel Institute


Carpal Tunnel Institute to Expand its Focus..?

Over the weekend, we received this email from one of our very satisfied customers, asking for us to expand our research into the areas of knee and lower back pain:

What about when you have pain that's not related to your Carpal Tunnel..?

What about when you have pain that's not related to your Carpal Tunnel..?

Now that you have gotten my wrist fixed, what about my bum knee and my lower back pain? You need to branch out! I’m 71 and allot of us OP’S (older people) are counting on you. This saves much waiting at the Doctors office being told that it comes with the territory…..All joking aside…..THANKS and I hope your program reaches many many people, and the get the same results as I have…..Don

Don, we feel your pain! While we’re certainly putting all of our efforts into getting our message of healing people’s wrists out to the world, we’d love to eventually tackle and solve these two other common and frustrating problems.

We really appreciate your support. Please keep it up, and keep sharing our secrets with everyone you know! ;)

- Pat & Mandy
Founders, Carpal Tunnel Institute


What is the Most Common Symptom of Carpal Tunnel…?

Often we are asked, “what’s the most common Carpal Tunnel Symptom people tend to experience?”

This is a particularly difficult question to answer, because the truth is that the symptoms will vary widely, based on the individual’s behavior that led to the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the first place.

Wrist Pain from using a Hammer

Carpal Tunnel is not just a 'computer users' problem - many folks in the construction business suffer as well. Copyright Baminnick

For example, a frequent computer-user may experience numbness from their forearm to their finger tips as their first sign of Carpal Tunnel, while someone who uses a hammer all day may experience a dull, lingering pain throughout their wrist and hand.

But it is vital to remember that your symptoms may vary widely even from these – the causes of carpal tunnel are very broad, and the symptoms seem to be as unique as the people who get them. The important thing to remember is this: Carpal Tunnel is a disorder of the connective tissue in your wrist, where the tissue becomes inflamed or constricted.

Fixing this problem with natural stretches and exercises is not only possible – it’s the smartest and most cost-effective way to treat this problem.

I highly recommend that you view our presentation on the topic of ‘curing Carpal Tunnel with Exercises’ for more information – you will not regret it!

- Pat & Mandy
Founders, Carpal Tunnel Institute

Carpal Tunnel Institute is Moving!

Today, we are pleased to officially announce that the Carpal Tunnel Institute will be moving next month, to our new location in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan: one of the leading health centers in the United States.

The future home of the Carpal Tunnel Institute. We'll be renting a suite in this beautiful professional building.

After several months of scouting out a new location, we’re decided upon one of the most beautiful and modern buildings Grand Rapids has to offer. The move will be a big step up for the Carpal Tunnel Institute, as we’ll be better able to meet with industry professionals, and we’ll have access better facilities and more skilled employees.

We’re all looking forward to continuing to serve the country from this new, excellent location.

-Pat & Mandy
Founders, Carpal Tunnel Institute


Case Study: Experience of a Severe Case of Carpal Tunnel…

Without a doubt, those with mild to moderate Carpal Tunnel Symptoms will tend to experience the fastest recovery from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when following our program. These people can see results in as little as 24 hours, and – especially if they are 50 or younger – they can experience a complete freedom from their pain and discomfort in just a few days.
Healing: Naturally
However, most people find us long after this period- when their pain has lingered for years upon years. This is fine – our program can help everyone – however you have to keep in mind that it may take months to remove decades of wear and tear. And in the overall scheme of things, this is a very good trade-off.

Today I’d like to present to you a case study of one elderly woman’s experience of using our program, after she was diagnosed as having a SEVERE case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome decades ago, and even after undergoing the invasive surgery (if you’ve watched our presentation, you’ll know that surgery often is not the be-all-end-all doctors claim it to be).

Here is a letter that we received from this woman, just yesterday. We think you’ll find it very interesting:

Dear Carpel Tunnel Institute,

A month ago I was not sleeping through the night because of acute hand pain in both hands. I had carpel tunnel surgery a few years ago. I have been a teacher to blind children for 36 years.

I use a brailler every day and am now working on producing Braille books daily. I also worked on a Braille certification a few years ago that required hundreds of hours a week brailling. To say I have over used and abused my hands is an understatement. I am now a basket case and refuse to have carpel tunnel surgery again.

I feel it a blessing to have found your DVD with the exercises. I do them faithfully. I have done them for a month now. I had a very difficult time

in the beginning because my fingers kept locking like trigger finger. I have to be careful and gently do some of the exercises because of the locking.

I can now sleep at night, but hands are still very stiff in the mornings. I am continuing to work on the exercises. I am starting the second month and will repeat the exercises. I have followed the schedule faithfully.

I have a particular problem with my pinky finger on my left side. I have not yet gotten the swelling or stiffness out.

I have been a diabetic for 40 years now. I know that my stiffness could be diabetic neuropathy, but whatever I have the exercises have helped and I will continue to do them. Every time I mention my hand problems to my doctor the only solution is surgery and I refuse to go through the surgery again. She said it would get bad enough that I would give in. Thank you for giving me an alternative to the surgery. I will report back in a month and let you know how I am doing after another month.

I am very grateful to you! Thank you for producing the DVD and exposing the truth about carpel tunnel problems. The DVD is very professional and easy to follow.

Jan Z——
Braille Teacher at the —- School for the Deaf and Blind

As you can see, this unfortunate woman suffers from an array of health problems, which all make CTS more difficult to fix. HOWEVER- even given all that, our program is indeed helping her at a rapid rate!

We thank God for giving us bodies that we can abuse for decades, and then heal in months to complete recovery. And, we’re honored to help facilitate that healing with these natural techniques.

-Pat & Mandy
Founders, Carpal Tunnel Institute


Best Week Yet, and Big News for the Institute

2012 has been the year of many firsts for the Carpal Tunnel Institute.

This week has been our busiest week yet, in terms of shipping our Carpal Tunnel Treatment Exercise program to new customers, with a whopping 315 total orders. We pray that within a week or two, this represents 315 changed lives. What an honor it is to sit at the helm of a place like this!

Second – and perhaps equally exciting – we launched our very own Amazon.com store listing. We’ve listed our DVD there for its original price of $105, but we are offering our seasonal discount there as well. However- only here at http://carpaltunnelinstitute.org/purchase/ will you receive free shipping with your order ;)

our product listing on Amazon's shopping website

The launch of our Amazon page listing is very monumental for us, because we’ve never liked to separate the personal buying experience we offer here, with the tiny bit of information that we offer there. However, we understand that many shoppers prefer to buy from our Amazon page, and so we’re happy to make it available!

We’re thrilled to see several 5-star reviews for our product there already. We hope we always maintain this “5 Star” rating, because even if our program doesn’t provide the relief our customers expect, we aim to deliver world-class customer service to make it up to them. So… we shall see!

If you’re interested in visiting our Amazon.com listing, you can get to it here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007GSS1J6

Just remember- if you want your friends or loved ones to get our limited-time free-shipping offer, they’ll have to use this URL instead: http://carpaltunnelinstitute.org/purchase/

- Pat & Mandy
Founder, Carpal Tunnel Institute


What exactlty *is* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Every once in a while, we like to re-state the exact definition of what Carpal Tunnel Syndrome really is. A quick glance around to the authoritative sites online, and we see a few definitions – have a look at how much they vary:
Wrist & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Diagram
Wikipedia’s definition of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

“Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is an entrapment median neuropathy, causing paresthesia, pain, numbness, and other symptoms in the distribution of the median nerve due to its compression at the wrist in the carpal tunnel.”

Correct, but highly confusing to the average person…

What about WebMD’s definition of CTS?:

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve becomes pinched due to swelling of the nerve or tendons or both.

This is a much more clear idea of what causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but I’d like to present our own definition for CTS. As you know, we aim to tear down the barriers of the public’s understanding of this very common problem. We want to educate first, and then spread our completely natural techniques all over the world.

In short: We want to take the knowledge and cure to this problem AWAY from the “industry”, and put it directly into YOUR hands.

This is a grand vision, but we’re not going to stop until Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is just a stale memory of a bygone era. We’ve dedicated our lives to this purpose. To helping people… to helping YOU.

So what IS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? The answer is this:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition of the human hand where there is excessive pressure on the big nerve that runs through your wrist joint. This causes an array of symptoms, resembling those of a pinched nerve: anything from pain, to numbness, to tingling, to weakness, to a ‘cold’ feeling, to a ‘hot’ feeling.

The cure..? THIS is what separates the brilliance of we here at the Carpal Tunnel Institute from all the other “names” in this industry: we have discovered that the cure is as simple as exercises and stretches. For more information, we HIGHLY recommend that you watch our acclaimed presentation: http://carpaltunnelinstitute.org/must-know/.

You don’t need surgery.. you don’t need gimmicks. You just need honest to goodness exercises and stretches. Granted, the exercises need to be done in a certain way – and THAT is what we are teaching.

Thank you for reading, and for honoring us with your trust to help you eliminate this terrible nuisance.

- Pat & Mandy of the Carpal Tunnel Institute